KirtGravesKirt Graves created the Forensics Faces podcast and blog in 2012. He continues to host Forensics Faces and acts as editor-in-chief for blog content. Kirt is the head coach at Sheboygan North High School and is currently serving as Past-President of the Wisconsin Forensic Coaches’ Association. Kirt is the general manager for a healthcare technology company in Sheboygan.


Malyssa Gabrielson co-hosts Forensics Faces. Malyssa is co-coach at Sheboygan South High School, and she has a lot of day jobs, including managing the front desk of a yoga studio in Kohler.

AllieMacknickAllie Macknick writes Amazing Face, a column detailing her experience transitioning from high school to college forensics. Allie is a graduate of Sheboygan South High School and is currently a freshman at Ripon College.

If you would like to be a contributor on Forensics Faces, please submit your idea for a feature to


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