New Column: Eyes on the Prize

eotp_announcementForensics Faces is proud to announce an upcoming column written exclusively for the Forensics Faces blog. Eyes on the Prize is advice from current coaches to other coaches or students.

Participating coaches are invited to write an article on the topic of their choosing, with only the following question to keep in mind: What do you think your fellow coaches or competitors in the WFCA should know?

While no one coaches just to take home trophies, every coach does work to make sure their students experience some success. Eyes on the Prize is intended to offer a wealth of advice and wisdom to its readers, so they can identify the ways by which their own team may grow. Our coaching community is filled with diverse and compelling personalities, and contributors will be of varying levels of experience, so the topics of Eyes on the Prize should be equally diverse and compelling. Find the advice that works for you, and then pass it along.

If you’re a coach who is interested in contributing to Eyes on the Prize, please contact Kirt Graves at

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New Column: Amazing Face

AllieMacknickForensics Faces is proud to announce an upcoming column written exclusively for the Forensics Faces blog. Amazing Face will detail the experiences of Allie Macknick, a four-year forensics alumnus from Sheboygan South who is transitioning into the world of college forensics as a freshman at Ripon College.

Many students fail to realize that there are opportunities to continue their forensics career beyond high school. Allie pursued a place on the Ripon College team and was rewarded with a scholarship. Now that she’s embarking on the next phase of her forensics career, Allie will take us with her on her journey through the hills, valleys, and steep cliffs that await. She’ll share with us the rigorous practice schedule, the challenge of balancing classes with competitions, all the ways college and high school forensics differ, and she’ll offer some insight on the wonderful (and sometimes wacky) personalities that she encounters.

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New Segment: Not Just Another Pretty Face

NJAPF_malyssagraphicForensics Faces is proud to announce a new video blog, or vlog, which will be coming to our site in 2013.  Hosted by Sheboygan South’s Malyssa Gabrielson, Not Just Another Pretty Face will focus on the unsung heroes of the Wisconsin forensics community: assistant coaches, judges, parent volunteers, bus drivers, and so many more. These brief, informal interviews will celebrate all the work that’s done behind the scenes of a forensics team or tournament.

“I’m excited to bring the spotlight to those people in the forensic world who don’t necessarily get the opportunity to talk about how the activity affects them, and the good that it’s done for their worlds,” says Gabrielson. And how is she dealing with the prospect of becoming a world-famous YouTube personality? “I’m going to be forensics famous, which in my world is a little bit better.”

Look for NJAPF to premier in the next couple months. Like the Forensics Faces podcast, it won’t follow a strict schedule, so make sure to follow @ForensicsFaces on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook to receive notifications of new episodes.

If you’d like to nominate an unsung hero from your team, contact

What is farrago?

After asking several experts this year, Ben Kroll came armed with a certified answer. From the wise people who write for Baldersdash comes the following answer. (Are we saying it wrong?!)

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Theme Music

Last weekend, I spent a few hours with my good friend Kate Marshall. Kate is one of those super talented people who never fails to deliver when you present her with a challenge. She is an amazing singer, a great musician, a cake and cookie maestro, and, luckily for me, a composer!

Other than a few examples of my favorite NPR themes, I couldn’t give Kate a lot of direction, but I’m super pleased with what she came up with. It’s simple but catchy, fun and charming, and it fits perfectly into the podcasts I’ve already started compiling.

Check out the Forensics Faces theme song when we go live!