About Face

Forensics Faces is a podcast and blog dedicated to increasing and improving the awareness of the forensics community in the state of Wisconsin and across the country by profiling its most valuable resource: our people.

Originally conceived as a weekly podcast to be released throughout the regular Wisconsin forensics season, episodes are now released as they become available. Additional content appears on the blog, also without a formal schedule. By hearing about each guest’s individual forensics experience, we hope to learn more about the activity, gain insight into how ¬†various forensics organizations work, acquire tips on how to be successful competitors and coaches, and, most importantly, have a lot of fun! We strive to offer content that is original, entertaining and inspirational.

Upcoming projects include a section dedicated to assistant coaches, an infographic on forensics personalities called Close Up, and additional content about the national and collegiate forensics communities. While our focus is on Wisconsin, we believe that the information shared is beneficial to forensics participants everywhere. And we’re very interested in getting feedback from listeners, no matter where you’re from! Please contact us at listen@forensicsfaces.com. We’d love to hear your suggestions on people to interview, topics to discuss, content to add & whatever else you’ve got to share.

Our blog is also intended to be a forum for listeners & readers to interact with one another and get their questions answered. To stay up to date on when content is available, follow @ForensicsFaces on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.


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