New Column: Eyes on the Prize

eotp_announcementForensics Faces is proud to announce an upcoming column written exclusively for the Forensics Faces blog. Eyes on the Prize is advice from current coaches to other coaches or students.

Participating coaches are invited to write an article on the topic of their choosing, with only the following question to keep in mind: What do you think your fellow coaches or competitors in the WFCA should know?

While no one coaches just to take home trophies, every coach does work to make sure their students experience some success. Eyes on the Prize is intended to offer a wealth of advice and wisdom to its readers, so they can identify the ways by which their own team may grow. Our coaching community is filled with diverse and compelling personalities, and contributors will be of varying levels of experience, so the topics of Eyes on the Prize should be equally diverse and compelling. Find the advice that works for you, and then pass it along.

If you’re a coach who is interested in contributing to Eyes on the Prize, please contact Kirt Graves at

Questions and comments can be sent to


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