New Column: Amazing Face

AllieMacknickForensics Faces is proud to announce an upcoming column written exclusively for the Forensics Faces blog. Amazing Face will detail the experiences of Allie Macknick, a four-year forensics alumnus from Sheboygan South who is transitioning into the world of college forensics as a freshman at Ripon College.

Many students fail to realize that there are opportunities to continue their forensics career beyond high school. Allie pursued a place on the Ripon College team and was rewarded with a scholarship. Now that she’s embarking on the next phase of her forensics career, Allie will take us with her on her journey through the hills, valleys, and steep cliffs that await. She’ll share with us the rigorous practice schedule, the challenge of balancing classes with competitions, all the ways college and high school forensics differ, and she’ll offer some insight on the wonderful (and sometimes wacky) personalities that she encounters.

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